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personal / june 24th / 00:23 AM / Editors

Trey Ratcliff is the "Jedi Master" of HDR photography... He first contacted me to redesign his blog last year, then we work on his first book, some invitations and now on the re-redesign of the blog ;) He is like this, always wanting to get things improved... It was nice to push a design further, 1 year after... The main idea is this large header, and as Trey site is in unusual high resolution for a blog, you can saw all the details...


Second main thing is the footer, with old papers, stamps and things I have collect and scan for years :

The project was then developped by who did an amazing (and fast) job only based on my PSD...

Flickr get some updates tonight, and have a better view on my favorits... With 6300 images in it, it is the best complement of this blog, without thousand images never published on GE, not only photos, but in all the categories you can found here... And you can have some nice tools like this slidshow :

I love to saw the images like this too :


Home Sweet Home limited edition number letterpress card
personal / june 15th / 3:53 PM / Ben Harper & Relentless 7 live at Montreal

We need a special card for an upcoming event, and we want to get something special... We get them printed in Poland by the very nice and friendly Marek ( ... We only get 100 copies and we numbered them by hand...

Mondial assistance - Music en Sorbonne - 2010
personal / june 1st / 0:13 AM / Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (Acoustic) [Live At Studio Brussels]

This is the invitation and reply card I print for the may 26th concert... I also design the program, CD, and signage... more to come...

As I talk about my work, Beata Jezekova, for who I design here identity and graphic language, need a web designer for her shop... If you are interested contact her...

Harmonie intérieure updates
personal / may 24th / 3:26 PM / Ibrahim Maalouf

I always think this sentence can be nice on the wall for some of our clients... I know most of you, designers, will like it...


It is a complement of the "7 rules" sticker. Here is the picture send by french Bliss studio...


We have update the Harmonie intérieure web site with some other stickers...
The idea behind this cross sticker is a tribute to the famous Bern Stern picture of Marilyn...

We also have only 10 copies left of the "Designers are meant to be loved" poster, so if you want it, be hurry. We are working on a new collection of posters... | posters

French interview on WebCulture
posted on personal section on may 16th

Get an interview (in french) on WebCulture magazine... Read it here.

posted on personal section on may 10th

Wake up agency contact me to design this CD for the Ravel Bolero recorded in Musiques en Sorbonne...


Larger images and more recent works on flickr (comments welcomed) |

Personal portfolio update
posted on personal section on april 27th

I refresh my own web site and update it with some projects done last year...


Conservatoire André Messager
One of my biggest and creatively, most demanding projects…. When presented with the plans in November 2008, I found it particularly difficult to visualise the end result. The largest piece of artwork is the giant sticker for the 17m glass front of the building… Designed with calligrapher Christel Llop, it is the key to the projects graphic language.



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