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You still acces it from and all the archives of post done since june 2006 will stay here.


Dann Petty
web / january 10th / 3:12 PM

Behance Web sites selection
web / september 30th / 4:26 PM / from mediafix office


From up north have a great selection of web sites designs, and jumping from one image to another, I figure out most of them come from behance portfolios... So here comes my selection, click on each images for more screen grab sof each projects...



MoreYellow new web site
web / august 17th / 10:54 PM


When I was in California, it had very nice time with my friend Jordan Mauriello. We speak about creativity, web design and communication, of course... I had the opportunity to saw his new web site before it get online, and was amazed but the design of it... mixing old circus & Tim Burton world...

It is now online and here comes some screen shoot... (like this I update the web design section, which is rare, I know ;)


Added of the great design, the web site included a nice blog with very interesting behind the scene posts as the one about the web site design...


Visit Money painting
web / september 27th / 11:27 PM / Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes soundtrack


No comment possible, you have too live it yourself... | by

Grain and Gram
web / august 25th / 11:28 AM / Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs

Grain and gram is a "new gentlemen's journal"... I put it in web section, the images are great but I really like the design of the page, a nice application of editorial rules to web design...

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