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Tom Emil Olsen

identity / october 25th (2012) / 12.41 AM / from Anomalie coffee - Ubud - Bali


The work of Tom Emil Olsen is the perfect exemple of how photos, and how they are worked, can be a big part of a graphic language. Identity is not limited to a logo...

Tag collective

identity / october 23th (2012) / 10.29 AM / from Anomalie coffee - Ubud - Bali / Skunk Anansie Black trafic


Whiskey design

identity / october 15th (2012) / 10.05 PM / from Singapore


Project of the day / october 6th / Montero by Anagrama

identity / october 6th (2012) / 09.26 AM / from Ubud - Bali / Muse The 2nd Law


Anagaram portfolio is just amazing, the should be in the excellence section of the site, but I want to focus on this amazing new project for today...




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