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SND CYN Studios & Ty Mattson CBS posters

interior / novembre 5th (2012) / 10.21 PM / from Ubud - Bali


Already one month and half in Bali and I love it (specially as I can go to Singapore)... But what I miss is a big nice office. We always want we don't have... I was luck to visit Ty Mattson studio last year, and it was really inspiring... and he brings it to another level... It present it well, so just have to quote him :

Mattson Creative is a small design firm, by design. The only downside of running a boutique studio is that you really don’t need that much space to do it. I’ve always wanted to work in a big, ultra-creative office – an inspiring environment, teeming with interesting people, doing inspiring work. But I’ve never wanted to manage the number of employees that would necessitate a studio of that size. My passion is design, not management. I wanted the energy, community and culture of a large creative agency…I just didn’t want the agency.

So I set out to create the type of office that I wanted to work in, and I invited my friends and colleagues to join me. It turns out that they were looking for the same thing I was: a unique environment and a creative community. I decided to expand our existing space in Old Town Irvine into a collaborative workspace for creative professionals. We filled it quickly and now the space is home to artists, designers, photographers, producers and developers. And I get to go to work everyday with my friends. We call it SND CYN Studios – which is derived from our address on Sand Canyon Avenue.

All summer we’ve been working on the building– a 125 year-old former lima bean factory – reimagining and redesigning the interior into a one-of-a-kind creative workspace – and we’re almost finished. Stay tuned to my blog for more pictures as we finalize the studio. It’s exciting to see it coming together.

Some pictures of this amazing space.


Earlier this year, design a poster series that CBS commissioned for their corporate office in LA.

Renovated Sagmeister & Walsh studio space

interior / october 8th (2012) / 9.54 PM / from Ubud - Bali


www.facebook.com/SagmeisterWalsh (photo by mariodearmas.net)
in space

interior / september 4th (2012) / 6.14 PM / from Cap d'Agde - France / The beatles White album


I already feature inspace places in an excellence page, but figure out they have some new pictures of the places they rent... I love the first one with these giant boxe posters...

Fantastic Frank

interior / july 18th (2012) / 3.51 PM / from La Pensée Sauvage - Drôme - France / Radiohead KidA


Fantastic Frank is a Swedish real estate agency... with stunning pictures of white homes...

Fantastic Frank via Yatzer
Elle décoration june 2012 UK edition - House in Bali

interior / june 14th (2012)/ 9:35 PM / from Cap d'Agde / Listening Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts


Sorry for the rare posts lately, not easy to came back to my old life after living a new one during 2 months ! The products are going their way back in Indonesia... would like to be there...

For me, Ooe of the bigest interest having and iPad is to have access to UK and American magazines (and to have so much lagazines in my bag during the 24 hour trip to came back)... Elle decoration UK is so inspiring, and I was, of course, touched by this Bali house featured in the latest issue... To be honest, even if this place is superb, for my experience of past months in Bali, there must be some spiders and bugs I would not happy to share space with ;)

Elle décoration april 2012 UK edition

interior / april 16th (2012)/ 10:35 PM / from Mia Siam Resort in Chiang Mai


The april 2012 UK édition of Elle décoration feature (as always) amazing homes... I am pleased to travel, but this would be nice too...



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