Vincent Rustuel identity
posted on personal section on april 19th

We have design a collection of invitation, menu and other graphic elements, for our friends... We can develop it for your own wedding and can provide you a full service, feel free to contact us for more informations.

Layer Tennis Gone Global
posted on personal section on april 17th

I have been invited to be part of Global Layer Tennis Match. A photoshop file circle the globe in 15minute each designer, sending it to the other one, and have 15 minutes to work on it...

Here are the artists taking part:
Layer 1: Kate Bingaman-Burt, Portland, USA
Layer 2: Mig Reyes, Chicago, USA
Layer 3: Davin Risk, Toronto, Canada
Layer 4: Tina Roth Eisenberg, New York City, USA
Layer 5: Cameron Moll, Sarasota, USA
Layer 6: Juan Pablo Cambariere, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Layer 7: Radim Malinic, London, UK
Layer 8: Fabien Barral, Paris, France
Layer 9: Simon Roche, Copenhagen, Denmark
Layer 10: Oliver Reichenstein, Tokyo, Japan

This is the image I produce in 15 minutes, using shapes from Radim Malinic... It came from London and then goes to Copenhagen... Of course, I would nee more 15 minutes to make it look as I want, but I have to deal with timetable... funny and a little crazy ;)

Thanks to Jim Coudal for the invitation...

See all the 10 images here :

Vincent Rustuel identity
posted on personal section on march 4th

Another story which start with Graphic Exchange... Vincent Rustuel discover this site, and then send me his photo book as a gift... some month later he asked me to design his new identity, and we start a real visual exchange... He wants something special, unusal (all clients want, don't they) and we go with this... The cross symbolise the one you put under a photo on a contact sheet... I miss the words here to explain de concept but hope the you like it...



As I talk about myself, I answer some interviews lately, one in english on inksie, one in portuguese (I know a lot of people from Brasil comes here...) on Facing page. Thanks to Cory & Camilla for interest....

Graphic exchange with my friend Reno Orange
posted on personal section on january 14th

Just have some fun like we did some years ago with my friend Reno Orange... A battle, as it is sometimes called... I start working on an image he send me some years ago (I ask him what it was, he tells me I build it in photoshop with textures and things I have...)... I work on it, resend him, etc... until we get this final image you see on the splash page today...

Image 01 : Reno

Image 02 : me

Image 03 : Reno
Image 04 : me
Image 05 : Reno
See image in big here.
New Letterpress business cards
posted on personal section on january 14th

New decade, new identity... or at least evolution of the existing one... I have used some of Frédérique's (my wife) textures, which is symbolic as she is very much involved in my creative process... The cards have been printed by Studio on fire...
I also set up a CARGO portfolio... so easy, so clean... If you have one, follow me there...
2010 limited edition letterpress wish card
posted on personal section on january 14th

Our 2010 wish cards are limited at 500 copies only and are sold with or without envelops.

- 20x8 cm
- 450 g Classic crest solar white paper
- 1 white opaque letterpress print
- Filigran Bütten Beige 21x10cm envelopes
- sell by set of 10

Get yours here :

We get them printed by the famous studio on fire (who, by the way, update their web site). They send them on december 23 but they only arrived today as customs do not want to let them pass... I also get a lot of cards printed at the time, for me and clients, expect more soon...


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