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Brand Nu book 3
posted in graphic section on may 3td
I do not need to present Radim Malinic, he was one of the first and is still on of the best for these images that mix fonts works, illustrations and photos... He just issued a 3td book about his work... a must have.. | Book 3
Visual Armory
posted in graphic section on april 20th
Erik Anthony Hamline
posted in graphic section on april 5th

This poster have a 3td ink than glow in the dark !!!
Stephane Perche
posted in graphic & packaging sections on march 26th

I am pleased to present something I have not discovered on screen. Stephane Perche isworking in the same part of France as I am, and I saw the "Periscope" posters and the program in the biggest city near of my home..
Man vs Wild
posted in graphic section on march 24th

I really like how this image is composed...


3 graphic posters series on behance...

First serie is blue, by Maxime Quoilin



Second is orange, by Alex Varanese



Third serie is orange too (as everything he does), by Alex Varanese too

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