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H57 self promotion posters

via I believe in ad | by H-57

Yulia Brodskaya paper work

To this last post before christlas, the amazing paper work of Yulia Brodskaya... after, close cown the computer and enjoy time with your familly...
Ned wright
Righteouskill movie posters
I have found a lot of version of this poster and think it was a good idea to compare them all... First are the all city version... this is the choosen one :
These are the not chosen concepts which are betters I think :

These are all the versions done by art of cell... there are so much and so nice ones...



And finaly, the worlwide ones that are so simple and well, not as good as the other ones...

Videos on behance
3 Stunning videos found on behance :





Leika by Christopher Hewitt
Alexandre Efimov



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