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Diesel - Only the brave


Are Thanea | full process on behance
Katie Kirk illustration
I really like Katie work, specially the Eli No book... |
Bison is the work of Linsey Levendall and Daniel Orme who form a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Deadliest catch / Discovery Channel

Full campain | Are Thanea | full process on behance
Craig Ward / Words are pictures

Benjamin Button & Prologue film
Prologue film design the latest David Finsher movie communication tools "The curious case of Benjamin button"... beside the fact that this movie is, as I expect it, full of emotions, I really like to see the process presented on prologue web site.

Also, the official web site of the movie is at the image of the movie : unexpected and in the opposite direction of usual movies web site, showing you the spirit of the movie instead of a simple biography of the director and actors... So, Ijust show you this and let discover it by yourself.

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