Nanette Wallace

Nanette, added that she is an amazing graphic designer, and use fonts perfectly, hand print everything!

She tell me this " Everything is hand printed, that is with my press I pump a foot pedal and feed each sheet by hand. Each color is a separate run where I have to clean the press and start over w/ alignment by hand etc. I also mix the Pantone colors by hand from the formula guide in the pantone book.

That takes some practice to get it right and requires great lighting (which my studio has amazing lighting). Some of the type is hand set from individual letters I have in these large type cases.

Look at this link below to see handset type, it's all locked up w/ wood (called furniture) to hold it tight so it can be dropped into the press upright where the rollers roll over it. (Other jobs I make plates on my computer and send them off to the engravers.)