Hip Shops

interior / september 17th / 7:56 PM / Melanie Laurent



Hip Shops is really usuful if, as me, when you visit a city, you want to found unusual and creative shops... a selection of images of shops from Paris to NY, from London to Milan...


Sandra Haischberger / Feinedinge

interior / september 11th / 4:48 PM



Still on Maison & Objet trade show, I took a look of what is presented and I found very nice things I want to share with you... here come the first one... feinedinge... I like the creations as well as the shop itself... The good thing to have a blog now is that you are considered like a very influent magazine and can have some very nice press kits & high resolution images ;)


Lovenordic design blog

interior / august 30th / 10:11 PM


Lovenordic is an amazing blog run by Samantha Ósk Denidóttir, who also have her own shop... This my selection of the thousand amazing images she presents... sad the images are not bigger...

Un air de voyage

interior / july 27th / 5:04 PM



Un air de voyage is the online shop of a friend of me (you may think I have a lot of friends, but I have been lucky, over the year, to work and met for a lot of nice people...). This guy is passionate by travels and other cultures, so he found a way to live from his passion. Every year, he visits India, Nepal, Africa or South America and try to found some nice decorative objects, fabric or furnitures to sell in his 2 shops...

Over the years, he does a lot of nice meeting as you can imagine, and always deeply respect the people he works with. Even use a part of his benefit to rebuilt a school in Nepal... I have a deeply respect for him...

Of course, I do his communication tools for the past years, and I design a travelling guide you can see on my flickr. You can found amazing stuff in his online shop, and I want to show them by the amazing textures of these unique items...

On of the last thing he found are these amazing furniture made with recycled metal by an African designer, in Burkino Faso to be precise... This are not deocrative, this is art ;)



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