La maison Pujol

interior / july 8th / 1:01 AM


Sorry for no updates this week but I took some days off... I won't say I do not have my computer with me (sad to have a computer as a best friend), but I have no internet, which helps me to focus on some projects I work on...

During this little break, I go around the Carcassone city, and took a night in "La maison Pujol"... Even if the place is amazing, I was taught it would be nice to met the designer behind it... but the house was recently sold to a new family, an even if they werre very friendly and gave us a lot of attention, some of the vintage letter are gone with the original owner... It still worth a visit, as it is one of the best bed and breakfast I visit...

As I talk about travelling, I am happy to said I will visit USA for the first time in August... I have kindly been invited to, and will gave you more details soon... The 2 town we will visit (as wife and daughter will follow me) are Boston and Los Angeles... I will ask for some tips in a futur post, I am too tired for that now...

Thanks to Danielle at to bring this place to my attention (funny the info came to me from the Netherlands !). She recently gave birht to a new blog, which is about traveling, exploring, dreaming and enjoying life. We showcase beautiful destinations from all over the world.


The Tenfold Collective & Stitch Design studios

interior / june 21th / 9:33 AM / Fink - Perfect darkness


After visiting the Mattson creative studio last month, I invit you to take a look inside the TenFold Collective and the Stitch Design ones. I always nice to visit where people design ecpecially for these 2 studios who both where featured in the excellence section here. /



Jason Lee

interior / may 31th / 4:12 PM / Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs


If you like the songs of Eddie Vedder in the amazing "Into the wild", you must like his new solo album of "Ukulele songs", behind its not inspired title... Some nice image by Jason Lee roday :

Mattson creative studio

interior / may 9th / 10:18 AM / Melanie Laurent - Damien Rice duets


I already talk about Mattson creative here, we have mutal respect for each other work and did nice exchange over the years... Straneg to feel so close to someone I never met, who live so far away from me... After his great project for Dexter and Lost posters I present here some weeks ago, here come their amazing studio, full of vintage items... / Studio visit on the blog

Blogroll update

print + identity + interior / may 6th / 2:45 PM


Some nice new blog... with a selection of the best images found their...

1 - . a blog about envrionnement design....


3 - april and may . about decoration and a thousand inspiring things...



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