identity / august 9th (2012) / 6.38 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France /Fistful of mercy

St Germain by Sandstrom partners

identity / august 8th (2012) / 5.00 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France /Adèle 21


Do not know why I missed the St Germain project when I publish the great Sandstorm partners projects earlier this year...

For the calendars, there are 4 copies left... last last last chance ;)
Merchant and Mills

identity / august 2nd (2012) / 8.44 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France / The Cinematic Orchestra In Motion part 1


Another post, another place... We are now in the very very nice house of friends, who left it to took some holidays... I love how it is decorated, every material is just perfect... I will share it with you later as we are there for more than 2 weeks... 2 weeks in the same place, it doesn't happen for a while !

So back on today post, I have seem Merchant and Mills nice packages several times on pinterest... I finally follow the links and discover their great products... this is so inspiring how a simple black and white design can be so powerfull... I would want to buy the full package just to have it and never use it :)

Riley Cran

identity / august 1st (2012) / 1.21 AM / from Florensac - France / Peter Gabriel New Blood


Since latest post, I have cross France... leaving north of Paris on sunday, to go back to the south... train, car... then on monday I went to Auvergne, in the middle of France to organize last stuffs we left in our previous house to came back near the sea on thursday... No time for computer, but I start playing with instagram, finally... By the way, does instagram provide you a global adress ??? I only found the photos links...

So, today, Riley Cran great logo / ID / fonts projects...



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