Kyle Poff

identity / july 27th (2012) / 11.14 AM / from Pointpoint, near Paris - France / Puss in boots soundtrack


A lot of designer show too much pictures of the same thing, I guess Kyle Poff does not show enough... I found him following his JP WELDING project, and I would like to see more of it...

Foundry collective new projects

identity / july 24th (2012) / 2.07 PM / from Pointpoint, near Paris - France


We leave "La pensée Sauvage" this morning to visit familly near Paris... Great to move all the time, the bad thing is the carry everything...

Foundry collective present their new work and new web site last week, and it was published on a lot of blogs... I already publish their projects last year, and I do not understand why these projects disappeared from the new site... But this is the good thing with graphic exchange, you still can see them here.

N. Daniels Vienna by Bureau Rabensteiner

identity / july 14th (2012) / 4.31 PM / from La Pensée Sauvage - Drôme - France


This is the stationary design for N. Daniels, photo producer in Vienna. It's thermo sensitive : the black color of the varnish fades at body temperature - as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It's a dynamic and living design - the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.

Urban seeds by Caroline Morris

identity / july 12th (2012) / 9.59 AM / from Florensac - France /Glen Hansard


Stunning project by the just graduated Caroline Morris... She will be perfect as a summer intern at Stitch design co !



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