identity / july 10th/ 10:22 PM

Nathaniel Cooper

identity / july 8th / 11.25 PM

Caravan by In house design

identity / july 3st / 11.27 AM / Sting

Another nice identity work, and again without colors... if you look at recent projects post in identity section, a lot are ain black in white...

Dowling | Duncan

identity / july 1st / 9.20 AM / Camille

The Future project coul have been in packaging and print sections too, but it is well a development of the graphic language that comes with the logo that I want to present...

Studio Output

identity / june 29th / 9.34 AM / Bon Iver

La graphic design

identity / june 28th / 10.32 AM / Piers Faccini & Camille


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