La graphic design

identity / june 25th / 9.11 AM / Thomas Dybdahl


identity / june 22th / 11.57 AM / Muse - Origin of Symmetry

Insite Design

identity / june 21th / 1:55 PM / Ray Lamontagne

& Smith

identity / june 18th / 3:18 PM / Gustavo Santaolalla - Ron Roco

June selection of identities/graphic languages

identity / june 14th / 11:50 pM

Last month I started to select some identities for their creativity and the way the develop what I call "Graphic language"... So, I guess I can do that every month... Here come this month selection...

First is Sculptivate by Root (Play Doh was pushed through a stencil to create a unique identity for Sculptivate, a design and build agency for environments)


Catriona Mackechnie Inc by bibliotheque design


Fum by jedzkolor
LoSiento studio

identity / june 14th / 00:03 AM

Caleb Owen Everitt

identity / june 10th / 9:47 PM

You probably know the Chop Shop identity already published here (and on most design blog around), but I found on Caleb Owen Everitt some very interesting new projects...


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