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identity / june 9th / 10:13 AM / Muse


identity / june 3td / 10:27 AM / Brad Mehldau

I really like the use of different images and print effect as words of this graphic language... |

4 identities/graphic languages

identity / may 31th / 1:07 AM / Muse (I never have listen to them before so I am discovering all the album at 1 time...)

4 nice projects by designers...

First is Guy Wakeling by Fallow Deer (Michael Stanley):


La Fenice by Kevin Cantrell


Retina Architecture by Laboratory (have to said I do not like the font work, just the icon and dots effect)...



Tribe by Adam Hill
TGLT by Forma cultural branding

identity / may 27th / 9:58 PM / watching "The end" of Lost for the second time

I already publish this project some years ago... But I just figure out how great it is... With the logo was developped 4 different graphic languages and the tools that come with them... stunning

I also really like this project :

The Official Manufacturing Company

Even if this "Ace Hotel" can have its place in the print section, it is well an identity work. What link the tools together is more the "spirit" of the place than a real graphic language... It is what "branding" mean, I guess....


Other great identities they have done :


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