2 projects by Artentiko


Even if the ISST could be in packaging section, I want to present it in the identity section as it is a global project, and I like the explanation Artentiko give about it...



ED awards 2008 selection. 3 projects


I want to present these 3 projects because they represent for me what a "graphic language" can be, less limited than an "identity"... I also really like the process to do them, going away from computer and use it only as what it is, a tool...

First is this wine musem... love the idea of bulding a font from wine stains and develop it... by www.dfeijoo.com, found here



Second is the Oslo architecture triennale : the identity is not only the logo but a graphic work developped on all the communcation tools. By www.sdg.no, found here.
And third is this herdresser identoty based on stamps idea... by www.alexisromestudio.eu, found here.
Design Project




Ramon Marin








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