Typographic Lock-ups & Enclosures

Type Theory is a "journal of contemporary typography" by Ty Wilkins. You may think this is just another type blog, but after only being on the scene since January of this year Type Theory is quickly becoming an indispensable reference. Ty currently works as a graphic designer for Gardner Design and is also involved in the behind the scenes work on LogoLounge. I discovered his site via the images below posted to ffffound.

The following logos are the work of Brian Miller. As Ty said in his article, "When given a long string of words, he can transform them into a sophisticated typographic concoction. As the Vice President and Senior Art Director of Gardner Design, Brian has many opportunities to apply his type prowess to the art of logo design. In situations where many designers would be inclined to complain of copy overload, Brian excels at elegantly composing lengthy phrases and titles.

"Each logo is an example of either a 'typographic lock-up' or 'typographic enclosure.' Several logos fall under both categories. All logos seen were presented to the client. Some were selected as the final logo and others have been waiting in the Gardner Design archives until now."


www.typetheory.com & Brian logo article
Me & Mister jones

http://krop.com/meandmisterjones & www.meandmisterjones.be

Vine by tank studio
Fusion lifespa by Eight hour day
The decoder ring
My beautiful



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