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Uppercase magazine

I have to said doing a "Graphic-exchange" magagzine is in my mind for a long time... and when I saw Janine Upperscase one last night it motivate me even more... She gives the perfect description :

"I still can't quite believe that we accomplished so much in just three months. UPPERCASE magazine is really the culmination of a dozen years of freelance graphic design experience and four years of this creative entrepreneurial adventure called UPPERCASE. All the skills I have acquired over the years have been put to use... and then some! It has been an amazing learning experience and so creatively satisfying."

Get your copy at www.uppercasegallery.ca/uppercasemagazine




Tooth fairy kit
buy it at www.officeofthetoothfairy.com | designed at www.rubberdesign.com
Me & Mister jones

http://krop.com/meandmisterjones & www.meandmisterjones.be

Eight hour day
Bow Wow
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Carhartt® EMEA Brand Guidelines
from Fitch London, photography by Lee Mawdsley
found on designyoutrust.com



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