In Bali on friday, in Singapore on sunday...

perso/ october 14th (2012) / 11.32 PM / from Singapore / Muse . the 2nd Law


I try to not write too much here, always thinking images speak more than words... But tonight, I am in the talking mood... It is is 10h45 for me, I am in an hotel room at the 15th floor of an hotel in Singapore, listening to Muse (Animals is my favorit...) loud in my earphones to not disturb my wife and daughter sleeping behind me... I spend a great day discovering this amazing town, losing myself in Little India, eating very good food with strange texture, and spending sometime in China town...

Last year, this was just a thing to do one day... I was not thinking it could happen so fast, just because I decided to make it happen... Just because we said "let's put was we own behind us and let live things now ! "... I just want to share with you how great this is, how many great people I met that have done the same and have even more amazing experiences that we had... Travelling open you mind, open your eyes, and you see everything differently... the world, yourself, others, everything !!!

One Day in Seminyak

Last friday, we went to Seminyak, follwoing the great map provided by The Yak magazine... Imagine a great road with a lot of nice bars, restaurants, and shops, but not side walks, well some, but with a lot of motrobikes parked and some big holes... Anyway, we had great time there and see nice things I want to share with these instagram photos...

First images are in the great Anomali coffee, followed by the SKS shop with its selection of design items... and if you are wondering what are the Absolut bottles, I guess they can do an advert called "Absolut gasoline" seeing so much people sell gas in them here...

On month in Bali

I get totaly into instagram since I start using it this summer... now, I understand ;) As I try to use my "social tools" differently than just reposting what I put on this blog, I start a "picture of the day" on twitter since I came to Bali in september... After 1 month, these are the 30 shots... you may have seen some of them, but this is really an image of the month that just end... will do it again when I came back after Singapore I guess... But I have shot much more that you can see here.

One week in Singapore

So I will be in Singapore all the week, working on my clients project from unusual places, visiting new places and eating good food ! At the end of the week, I have some meeting with great designers and (letterpress) printers I will be happy to share with you, as usual... and if in the middle of that, I can work on, that would be great !


MrCup met The Yak magazine

perso / october 8th (2012) / 11.47 AM / from Ubud - Bali / Sherlock Holmes 2 soundtrack


When I came to Bali for the first time in may, I dicover THE YAK magazine in a cafe and loved it... I sent a copy back home... When I deceided to came back and said it on facebook, I get contacted by Nigel Simmonds who run the magazine...

It was pleasure to share some time with him and his team last week and their studio (above a tennis court and close to some nice resturants.... Bali working life ! )... I took these pictures of the past issues of the magazine... and bring some wood letters as a gift ;) Hopefully, the name of the magazine is short... I was also funny to see that Nigel team members are addicted to graphic exchange and werre happy to met me ;)

La maison près de l'église / A village house near the church

perso / october 3td (2012) / 10.49 PM / from Kafé - Ubud - Bali / Muse The 2nd Law


Remember our friends' great house we stayed in last august ? While we where there we get a nice talk with Olivier and Caroline, the owner of the house... after a good lunch, sharing some french wine, I talked about the power of internet now, how it brings to me (I could not live in Bali without it) and told them they should try to sell the house with a nice web site...

I propose them to design it, and they would pay me only if the house is sold... A kind of real estate designer ! This idea was very challanging and motivate Frédérique, my wife, and I to took the pictures of the house, to express in images what we feel when we werre in this magical place...

The site has been launch today at

Of course, we need help to write the end of the story, by sharing this to found the new owner... If you want to talk about this, check this press page to get access to all the images :

MrCup coming to Singapore

perso / september 25th (2012) / 11.16 PM / from Ubud - Bali


As Bali is close to Singapore, we gonna spend a week there from october 13 to 20th. I have absolutly no idea of places to stay or things to visit, so I am open to any suggestion as you know what I like ;) ... and if there are enough request, maybe we can do a nice exchange in a nice place... So please email me at barral.fabien(a) .

I can not do a post without an image to illustrate it, so I check "Singapore" on flickr and get these nice images by Kenny Teo.

1 day of MrCup in Bali

perso / september 24th (2012) / 10.05 PM / from Ubud - Bali


I post again about Bali today but I had a so great day today... I wake up with this view and after bringing my wife and daughter to school, I work in a nice café....

I bring some of the Helevetica recycled Teck wood with me to, well have them !

To end the day, we went to a small place called Warung Sopa with nice food, nice decoration, very japanese inspiration... and read some japanese magazines... Now it is 10h30 pm and I am working, or blogging, or both...

It looks like an ideal life (I made everything to let you think that), but there is a lot of wrong things going in Bali... It is paradise, but with human being on it, so it looks more a more like a big garbage... Will probably talk about this another time...

MrCup in Bali

perso / september 21th (2012) / 12.03 PM / from Down to earth - Ubud - Bali


I am back in Bali for only one week and everything goes so fast, France seems so far away (it is) but, you know... I am very pleased to have found a great house, the first pictures you see below, with its nice pool. As everything in Bali, you need to negociate hard to get the right price ;) But it seems to be a great place to live and work... It have this amazing view on the jungle, and is really closed of Ubud, the city we live in... It also nice to be back in all these great restaurants which propose health food and... free wifi ;)

More instagram shoot can be seen here. What do you use to show your instagram shoots ? Please email me other possibilites, it confusing me.

MrCup at Maison & Objets

perso / september 12th (2012) / 1.31 PM / from Pointpoint, near Paris - France


Maison & Objets is THE place to be if you want to develop your home object enterprise... or "was" the place to be... that's my point of view, but I am not sure I have time to develop, it is a long story... I was there last year, for another project, but it is also a long story...

So, it is something unique to be there and to see so much creativity... everybody need to be seen, so everything is "design"... the products of course, but the way to present them, the logo, the font work, the brochure, the signage... even people are sooo fashion... it is simply too much for one day (probably the reason why the fair is 5 days long)... I was myself looking for some new products for coming as well as some inspiration too... and to share it with you... Here come the things that I have prefered.

Lars Zech is a wood sculptor... a very nice person, his work is impressive by the size of the items... I think is biography on his web is perfect : Born in Stuttgart 1971 / Lives and works in the black forest since 1995. 

It always nice to see objects in real too like the ibrid products... ok for you, it will be just pictures ;)


I was, of course, attracted by this project called vegetal-identity


But objets that I like the most are one made of papers, and by graphic designers ;) Papier Tigre is a 1 year old company of 5 french people, and it was nice to talk and share about their project.


I was also happy to see new products by Labrador... there will be some of their products on sell on soon ;)


Something crazy is the "pantone" products... I remember the first mugs but now it goes crazy, with ipad and iphone cases, wall arts, everything... it is too much in my point, but have to admit this wall was well done...


I guess this is the last post from France... this year ! Tomorrow, I will took the plane for a 13 hours flight to Kuala Lumpur... 3 hours to go to Bali after that... I am impatient, but the list of things to do today is just crazy... I will try to share some things via twitter from the airport...

MrCup Helvetica WOOD letters / Behind the scene 2

perso / august 23th (2012) / 3.29 PM / from Mas Barjac - Monteils - France / Portishead / direct link


Here come more images of the Helvetica Wood letters . I do think 500 letters would make so much, I was a little scared when I saw them before we leave Bali... They are now waiting for me to be back there... I am working hard on the new site/shop but it is just sad I need to sleep sometimes...

To be updated on the Mr Cup projects, suscribe to the newsletter at mrcup, or on facebook, twitter, pinterest or flickr...

MrCup friend's house (for sale)

perso / august 10th (2012) / 5.21 PM / from St Maurice de Cazevielle - France /Glen Hansard Rythm and repose


As we move to Bali later this year, we do not have home anymore... So, we move from one place to an other ;) It is great as we do things we would never have done if we have a place to stay... And we are now in the great house of Olivier & Caroline...

They have an amazing taste for home decoration. They buy this very old house 2 years ago, and change everything ! As they are in holiday for the coming weeks, they leave us there beautfull home while we take care of the dog and cat (and the garden too;)... In fact, the house is for sale, as they buy a other amazing new place... If you want to visit, just contact me and we could have a drink ;)


And this is the guest room , so if you want to stay in this very nice place, in the south of France, contact me ;)

Oliver is a painter, and I will be happy to show more of this work in a coming post... I have to show you the picture of the house before to let you imagine the amazing work they have done...

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