Restart and reboot yourself

perso / october 9th / 11.08 PM


"Restart and reboot yourself" is part he U2 song "Unknown caller" from latest U2 album. This took a special meaning to me right now... I need to restart... I am working on it... This is my plan :

I am working on the 2012 letterpress calendar. I have a dribble account but never used it, so I think it is the right moment... Presell will start in november, so if you want a copy please email me to be updated.

I need to made some space at home too, to get some new projects coming. I will soon close the harmonie intérieure shop, but to open a new one... So I will do special offers until then.

First of all, it is your last chance to get the 1/2/3 coasters. There are 5 packs 01 (set of coasters in wooden special box) et 17 packs 02 left... Check the support page.


Secondly, I am working on a new set of posters, probably silkscreen printed this time. So, as for the "Imaginary moments", if you buy 2 of the "Graphic sentenses" posters, you get the third for free. I have 6 set of 55x45 posters, and 4 sets of 60x70...

The Excelsior Latin hôtel graphic language

perso / september 3td / 2.49 PM


I have presented the Excelsior Hôtel project several time as we decorated it for the D&B project. But here is a full presentation of it. It is the complete identity and the web site that just got online...

While working on the project, I got access to a lot of old papers and photos, which were an amazing resource for the project... /

Maison & Objet

perso / september 9th / 4.58 PM / Posted from the Maison & Objet trade show in Paris


First post from the Maison & Objet trade show which start this morning... These are some images of the D&B booth and products... I can not be there and not take a look around as there are so much nice stuffs... Sadly it is not allowed to took pictures of anything, and of course it is the only thing you want to do to remember the thousand nice decoration "ideas" ...

And for all the people who email me to know what I use to do these picture with my iphone, I use the "Cross Process" app.

D&B presented at Maison et Objet - Paris - sept. 9th to 13th

perso / september 3td / 2.49 PM


As I said 3 days ago, I will be at the "Maison et Objets" Paris show with Laurent from september 9th to 13th to present the D&B project. If you are interested by the project and want to visit us, we will be in HALL 7 / H137 BOOTH.

The web site is now online with all the 4 collections and more infos on the project... I create a logo for each collection too...

Harmonie intérieure products on Papernstitch

perso / september 5th / 11.09 PM / The Constant Gardener soundtrack


I rarely pay to communicate about the Harmonie workshop, but the Papernstitch project seems so simple and attractive ... Every month, a set of selected shops are presented as exhibitors, and it presents my products in a different way, which is always interesting (to have another vision)... It also brings you, american friends, the prices in $...

On the (long) list of things I have to do, I want/need to do a new version of the harmonie intérieure shop with all the "sharing" tools... and this Papernstitch version let you highlight the products on twitter or facebook...

D&B letterpress coasters & tags

perso / september 3td / 2.49 PM


So, I will be at the "Maison et Objets" Paris show with Laurent from september 9th to 13th to present the D&B project. If you are interested by the project and want to visit us, we will be in HALL 7 / H137 BOOTH.

We did some letterpress stuff to come with the products : coasters, tags & buisness cards (haven't the cards yet ;)... I can wait to show them to you... Wait for more about the projet later this week.

Some more days in Paris

perso / august 24th / 7.08 PM / Posted from the Paris Gare de Lyon (Train station)


Today I had the opportunity to go to this famous "Pont des arts", that lovers visit, bringing tiny padlocks with them. They affix them to the bridge after writting their names on it, there are thousands of these little love locks… It seems to be really something, as some are even engraved...

For the D&B project, I designed this image with a picture of this bridge taken by Laurent... You can see some of the small padlocks (the most of them are in the middle of the birdge, there are thousand there).
See it bigger and comment it on on flickr.

Some days in Paris

perso / august 23th / 7.21 PM / Posted from the Excelsior Latin hôtel


In Paris for a few days working on the D&B project... I will post more about it soon ;) As I still have my "eyes open" after my trip to the USA, and since a lot of people seem to like the photos I presented during my days there, I took some pictures in Paris yesterday... done with my iPhone ;)

MY own buisness cards 2011

perso / august 18th / 11.25 AM/ Sting Acoustic live in Newcastle


I have been asked to present my different business cards for a future book, so I took pictures of the 2011 ones... I have already presented them, but these are better shots and show you the different colors... This time I did a "split fountain" print, which means 2 or 3 inks are applied and mixed together while it prints... so most of the cards are different from each other...

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