Last days in USA: Boston

perso / august 14th / 00.07 AM Boston time / Posted from Chandler Inn hotel - Boston


Last days in USA, next post will be done from home...

We are now in Boston... We are having nice moments here, amazing city, so different from what we saw yet... I wanted to visit The goosefish press, but finaly can't... By the way, thanks alot to all the poeple who gave good advices and ideas, it was really helpfull... will thank you personaly when I have time (maybe preparing the emails during the 7 hours flight to came back home...).

And if you are gluten free, this the BIG advice : I went to the Hard rock Cafe of Boston (do not know for the other towns), I want to take a look to their collection, and when I ask if they have any gluten free meal, I was more than happy to know they can do gluten free burgers with special bread they prepare... that with nice GF fries... wow ! This was great to eat goooood junk food ;)


Meeting Ty Mattson

perso / august 13th / 8.01 PM Boston time / Posted from Boston


Last thursday, I came to visit Ty Mattson in his amazing studio of Irvine, which is close of moreyellow office where I was spending some time to work (being freelance is like this, you never can't really stop working). I exchange email with Ty often as we have the same respect and admiration for each other work, both of us are big fans of Lost and collect vintage items ;)

Metting in person, sharing about creative process, seeing the amazing silkscreen posters in real, his amazing collection, and visiting his office in this old building was a very inspiring moment...

We are in Boston now, after spending some days in San Diego... will show some more images in the next post...

2nd week in USA . California

perso / august 09th / 1.48 AM California time / Posted from moreyellow office


Time is flying away. We have had such a nice time in the USA... We are now in California, near Irvine, and are having a nice time with Jordan Mauriello, another client/friend of mine... we have done a bunch of work together since we met years ago... It is so nice to see him.

This afternoon, we will visit Ty Mattson as he is nearby and has invited us to visit his amazing studio that I posted about here recently...



First days in USA . Amherst & Sansori

perso / august 03td / 1:08 PM USA time


We arrived in the States on Sunday and since then, everything has been going wonderfully... Everything is great to our French eyes, and it is heaven for the gluten free people that we are!! Whole Foods! I want one ;)

The Sansori talks, the reason why we are here, is where we went on Monday and it was a great moment of exchange. I guess they bring even more to me than what I can bring to them... a real exchange! I will post more about this later. Some pictures I have taken so far are uploaded for you from the Amherst campus cantine... and then some graphic inspiration after it... enjoy!




The coasters - new images

identity / july 29th / 0:25 AM


I found time to do new shoots of the 2 colors coasters (for the first set, only the N was in 2 colors), they are still available if you support the site... Tomorrow I took the train to Picardie near Paris, and took the plane to Boston on sunday... Thanks again for all the nice advices for the trip, will try to post about it as often as possible...



15 days in USA

personal / july 14th / 11:44 AM


So, on july 31th, I will took a plane a plane to USA ;) It would be my first time there and I am pretty exited...

I was kindly invited by Kristin Kim, founder of Sansori, to speak about my vision of Social entreprise in Amherst College (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA). I am impatient to spend a nice moment sharing ideas...

We will spend some days in Amherst, and on august 05th we will fly to the other side of the country, in California, to visit Jordan Mauriello of I work with Jordan for almost 5 years and we only see each other via our computers... Would be nice to share some beers... So, will spend some days in San Juan Capistrano, near LA.

On August 11th, we will fly back to Boston and spend some days there before coming back to Paris, and then take the train to Nîmes... Pretty long trip...

Need some designers tips...
So, after knowing my plan, I guess it would be nice to met some of you, or visit studio... if you have ideas of place to visit for the crazy designer (and letterpress passionate) that I am, I would live to hear from you.

and Gluten free tips...
I am really pleased to bring my lovely wife Frédérique and daughter Thaïs with me... The only thing is that both of them are gluten free and milk free too... It complicate that kind of travel buy, hey, life is too short... I guess some of you can help us with that too, so any suggestion for shop or restaurent in Amherst, around LA, or Boston are more than welcome...


Support Graphic-exchanGE (revised version)

identity / july 13th / 0:04 AM


10 days ago, I propose you a new way to support GE. I do these "packs" as I feel shy to send only small stickers when people gave something... As a lot of people ask after these coasters, and seeing the sold out sells of the designers calendars, I thought I found the right mix to do an "exchange"...

But for the moment, I get really few donations (thanks for the ones who does, items would be send next week), so I adjust these packs... The posters are back on harmonie interieure and you can get the coatsers and small stickers here...






After clicking this button, you will be redirected to the harmonie intérieure paypal page and you can give what you want. In exchange I will send you the items within a 2 weeks.




The 4 coasters are limited to 100 copies each, and are letterpress printed by letteramagica, who also produce these wooden boxes.

All these items are design by myself ( and are only available if you support graphic-exchange.

Thanks in advance.

10 years ago
personal / june 30th / 01:18 AM

As it is 1 AM, we are tomorrow already ;) 10 years ago, on june 30th, 2001, Frédérique and I get married... It was one of the best things that happen to me, bringing our daughter to our life... I was looking for something to offer to Frédérique, and I check our wedding album, you know that things you never really look at... And I love these 2 ones... and at this time, I had hair ;) I want to do some effect to make them look like "memories"... the 2 pictures werre taken by my friend Reno Orange ;)

Look who is coming home : The letterpress coasters !
personal / june 28th / 04:51 PM / Nitin Sawhney

As a lot of people ask after these sold out lettepress coatsers, so on I ask letteramagica to reprint... But I want to improve them...

On the first set, only the N one was in red & grey, the other 2 wherre only in grey... So, this time, all the coasters are in grey/red + there is a new one, the 3 !

Now, I know you will ask how to get them... You need some more days to wait, they will be on sell exclusively on graphic exchange during this summer, as the new gift you get when you support the site... But I prepare even more things, so "stay tunes"...

Some "behind the scene" images before they are cut out :

Imaginary moments 3 poster now on sale
personal / june 22th / 10:13 AM / Muse Hullabaloo Soundtrack

Following the success of the 2 first "Imaginary moments" posters I put on sell a third creation. As all the other posters sold on Harmonie intérieure, it is a limited edition of 100 copies, hand numbered printed on 250g paper.

And as a good news never come alone, I propose you a special offer : buy 2 "Imaginary moments" posters and get the 3td free (same size).

This collection of posters are exclusive creation based on Frédérique, my wife, water color works. The imaginary moments is this special moment where you are what you create, or whatever surround you do not exist and you are one with the creation... I put it large to let you see the details (that you can also see at the home page of my personal site

All my products are on sell at
by D and B updates...
personal / june 7th / 11:04 PM

In Paris for some days to work on th project... Thanks a lot for the very nice feedbacks and question about how to get the products... You need to be patient for the summer I guess ;) Comment the new images on flickr if you want to...


See on flickr /

François Mandin
personal / june 1st / 6:15 PM / U2

I met François Mandin last summer... well I first met his work, these great Raku pottery... I love it and ask his girl friend if he need a designer ;) We work together since then, I shoot him working and done several things I figure out I never present here... So here it come :

If you are in France, he can teach you how to do this ;)

Harmonie intérieure new stickers
personal / may 23th / 1:22 AM /Ben Harper Give till it's gone

I did not design new stickers for a long (long) time, I can not do everything ;) But I want to do these simple font design ones, the sentenses are already so strong... Click on the image to see details...


This follow the letterpress calendar project, and the 7 rules sticker... designers sentences...


We also put the "Just married" sticker on sell. We design this sticker for a friend's wedding. We put it on their car during the after wedding party, and they had a nice surprise when they found it... They told us they had a lot of success on the road during following weeks... Perfect if you what to offer something special, which is not on the list ;)


See them all on

by D and B updates...
personal / may 16th / 9:48 PM /Ben Harper Give till it's gone

I think the new Ben Harper album was released in France today while it will be tomorrow in other countries... why ? Anyway, it is always great to listen a new album from an artist you follow for years... The one before, with Relentless 7 is one of my favorit, and I expect a lot of this one, and for the moment... a lot of promises seems to be there... Can't have a complete idea as I only listen to first tracks, but, first feeling is positive... Have to put it on disc to listen it load in my car for sure ;) It will be great to saw him live this summer, I saw him 10 years ago I guess, and if the album are great, the man on live is even better...

So, I just want to present the cushions series I am working on for the project... Comment them on flickr if you want to...



See on flickr /

They talk about me, I talk about them
personal / may 10th / 9:17 PM

I want to do a post about the blogs that talk me and my work... First of all, you can read an interview I did some weeks ago on inksie, you can learn about my creative process, and have the answer to this recurent question : what is your favorit font ? I also answer 6 shorts question at overlapps about apps I use and apps I like...

Posterloft is a new blog about poster design and features some of mine (here, here, here and there) and culture vixen presents a small selection of my work.

For all whose think I still live in Auvergne, in the middle of France, this will help you. This our Auvergne home will left in august 2009. We are now in the south of France, in this house where we have this office ;)

Some update on stickers... which are still on sell at and Julia F did these nice photos :


The D and B project took a lot of my creative time too, and here are some pictures of "Au dessus du lac" (above the lac) visual :


I put my iphone to let you figure out the size of this ;)

Exposition universelle 1900 - Les bords de Seine
personal / april 25th / 2:38 PM / José Gonzàlez

I always have been facinated by the 1900 Paris world fair (Exposition Universelle in French). In one of the Excelsior Latin room, there is a very large room and instead of puting different visuels, I figure out I can creat something with this image I have. It shows all the different coutires houses build for the fair and that werre on the side of the Seine river...

It is amazing that everything was destroyed after the fair (it was plan to remove the Eiffeil tower too, which was, by the way constructed for the 1889 fair)...

As said the Ché Guevarra character in the "Motorcycles Diaries" movie "how is it possible that I feel nostalgia for a world I never knew"...


See full uncut version on flickr /


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