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personal / april 21th / 10:38 AM

Regarding email I received, and of my own experience visiting other people blog, I figure out a lot of people coming here may not really know who I am ;)

I often do not read blogs and only check pictures, then jumping from link too link... So, for those who read, here come some infos, on what I am / I have done / I am working on... To illustrate this, here come some picture of my office, that I share with my wife in our nice France countryside home.


chapter 1 . First design years 1995/2007

So, I am Fabien Barral ;) I am freelance graphic design since 2007. I am also photographer, most of th etime as a complement of design works... I study design and get a graphic diploma at the end of the past century, then I work freelance with my friend Reno Orange.

I then get a job as art director at mediafix, where I work from 2002 to 2008.

In june 2006, I start this blog to present things that inspires me. The idea, at the beginning, was to send other designer my printed stuff and get their in return... I have a lot of nice stuffs in the black boxes you can see on these pictures ;)

I met Frédérique in 1999, we get married in 2001 and get our daughter Thaïs in 2003. We buy a house in the country side of Auvergne in 2004.



chapter 2 . Freelance years 2007/2011

I get freelance in 2007, even if I continue to work with mediafix. I also start working with US agency moreyellow, we did very nice projects together.

In 2008 we set up the decorative workshop harmonie interieure with Frédérique, we design and sell wall stickers and posters.

In 2009 we deceided to move in the south of France to bring to Thaïs a different school. We move in a house, but we stay there only for a year and move again past july to this nice house with this large office we are in.



chapter 3 . coming years 2011...

With experience, I am very please of support I get for this blog, as well as designing and selling my own products such as the letterpress calendar or the coasters.

At the end of december, I met Laurent Dubois and we are working together on a new project, www.byDandB.com. We are working on a collection of textile print to sell, and we are decorating the Excelsior Latin Hôtel in Paris at the same time. We plan to do the Maison & Objet fair next septembre.

Metting other designers and people is something I want to do more too, such as I did in Barcelona last month, or in Australia past october... Doing a talk was a great experience and I hope I can do more.

We may go to the USA this august, under an invitation to do a work shop, but will tell you more when I can.

I am also working on a new version of this blog, to celebreate its five anniversary...



chapter 4 . what else ? ;)

I learn speaking english by myself (which explain so much mistakes here, but the important is that you understand, right ?) mainly because I collect Sting's records during 20 years and did exchange with other collector around the world (you know, with list on paper send by post ;). I have a silly collection of record as you see on this image (these are only Sting CD, edition from all the different countries...) :


I love old objest and they inspire me so much... I found this large hairdresser chair in my grand parents attic, and the above grey and red chair belong to my grand-grand father...



So to make it short... my work / my shop / DandB / on cargo / photo portfolio / on behance / on flickr

And if Graphic exchange bring you not enough images, check my fffound & my flickr favorits

Happy easter !

Excelsior Latin hôtel room 205
personal / april 13th / 11:03 PM
Pleased to present the room I use during my short stay in the Excelsior Latin hôtel ... several other rooms are ready now, will show them later...


We also test print of the other visual creations, and I shoot details to let you see the velvet texture as well as the thickness of this texture prints...


www.byDandB.com / flickr
La dame en noir in our home...
personal / april 6th / 12:38 PM
We continue to test... this is a very large fabric print of "La dame en noir" that I put in my home, and it look fine in our simply white and tan room... and the cat has the right colors too ;)


www.byDandB.com / flickr
by D and B ...
personal / april 5th / 10:30 PM
3 new creations for the rooms of the Excelsior hotel under DandB... Click on each image to see the larger version on flickr and leave your comments...


www.byDandB.com / flickr
by D and B ... project revealed...
personal / march 23th / 11:19 PM /Elbow
Here come the logo of our my new association with Laurent Dubois, he is MrD, I am MrB ;)
How we present it, simply : One day, Mr D (Laurent Dubois) contact Mr B (Fabien Barral) and told him "I like what you do, I can do nice print on fabric, we should work together"... They found an amazing playground, the Excelsior Latin Hôtel in Paris who need to be decorated. Mr B creates a serie of images that Mr D prints in large size... And then they share good dinners and talk about doing cushions, wall prints... and this is just the beginning...
More... coming next...
personal / march 23th / 11:19 PM /Elbow
Following the letterpress calendar, you see I jump on this (amazing) project for the Excelsior hotel (thanks for all the feedbacks).

But when Laurent contacted be and we start the project we always have in mind it could be more than a one shot for one place... Soon I could gave more details, I let you discover details on "La dame en noir" first print and the Excelsior Latin logos (we are also on the redesign of the web site, you can see on the actual site we are doing a lot of work : www.excelsior-paris-hotel.com)

Please leave comments on flickr.
Excelsior hotel - first rooms and cushions
personal / march 19th / 16:35 PM /Elbow

So please to visit the Excelsior hotel this week to saw the first large fabric print on the walls. So, these are printed on fabric, and this is amazing, really great feeling ;) You can also see the cushions I design based on the logo and identity I am still working on... next would be stickers, letterpress cards and coasters... A dream for a a designer ;)

Please leave comments on flickr.
Selected B
personal / march 13th / 11:23 PM

Barcelona is just at 4 hours by car from home so I will drive there on March 25 to see some of the nice conferences proposed by Index Book... If you are there and want to say hello, email me...

3 new creations for the Excelsior hotel
personal / march 7th / 00:41 AM

3 new creations for the rooms of the Excelsior hotel I am decorating with Laurent... Click on each image to see the larger version on flickr and leave your comments...

Please leave comments on flickr.


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