January 2008

Somewhere else on Harmonie intérieure
posted on January 24th at 1.09 pm from home, listening Patrick Watson

I put on sell some new products in the "Somewhere else" collection on Harmonie web site.

Bases on our pictures taken in Vietnam with Frédérique, each picture or decorative set is limited to 50 copies and stamped with an old stamper I found on second hand market...

Click on the images for direct link.

Les Bains de Safi
posted on January 24th at 1.09 pm from home, listening Patrick Watson

Les Bains de Safi is a cosmetic and beauty instut with very interesting concept of different cosmetic culutres of the world... For our first project together, I did this Valentine day communication display (2x1,2 m).

posted on January 14d at 11.23 pm from home, listening Radiohead (still)

Here is my "real" 2008 wish card... I will repeat myself with talking about www.harmonie-interieure.com, but the first large size stickers are on sell and I spend my days, nights and moons on this project...

I will add new products everyday now, especially limited edition prints of some graphic works...

Radiohead Jigsaw falling into place
posted on January 7th at 11.30 pm from home, listening Radiohead In rainbows

Everybody say it is one of the most creative band... but at this point, it is art... Escpecially this track, a masterpiece, absolutely magical...

And as you are there, look/listen to this...

posted on January 3d at 11.58 am from home, listening Eddie Vedder Hard sun
It's a brand new year...
posted on January 1st at 11.08 am from home, listening Sting Dead man's rope

In this first hours of 2008, I wish you all the sucess for this new year starting...

I like the idea of a new start, you have all hopes, we think fails are behind and in front of us, there is only joy, health and nice moments to live... and for us, graphic designers, great creative process of course...





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