September 2007

Yoga CD
posted on September 24th at 9.16 pm from home, listening Ben Harper - Lifeline
Another very interesting project ! Philippe Fradin is a Ayurveda Yoga teacher. To help his students to relax, he record some CD. He asks me to design the sleeve, with a limited budget.

So, we will print a identical cardboard sleeve for all, and each CD will have a different informative sticker... There will be 10 different CD.

Here come what I did, and as the client like it, so I need to do the other ones...
mediafix web site
posted on September 19th at 2.21 pm from home, listening Babel original soundtrack
mediafix is the agency where I am art director since 2002, even today under as freelancer. All the work presented have been done by Fred Dauzat, Laure Dalet and myself, with François-Xavier Forgereau as creative director.

The new identity has been done by Fred Dauzat, and the new web site is now online.

Lunatic age promo single
posted on September 17th at 4.16 pm from home, listening Armand Amar - La terre vue du ciel
The promo single of Lunatic age is printed... I am now working on the double digipack sleeve with 12 pages booklet that I will show you soon..
Merci | Thanks
posted on September 15th at 11.00 pm from home, listening Babel movie soundtrack
Thanks a lot for all the kind messages I received after the post of the new projects...

A special thanks to Jeremie Werner, Sam Hayles, Loïc Sattler and to Georges Bousquet who also ask me some questions I was pleased to answer.

Read my 'interview on the Casa Jordi blog >>
Imaginary moments 2007 online
posted on September 10th at 11.59 pm from home, listening REM
Here comes the new version of my portfolio. The site is devided in 5 big parts :

- 01 le blog : to know what i want to let your know
- 02 work : All the projects I realised as freelance or with mediafix or moreyellow agencies.
- 03 projects : the non commercial projects.
- 04 photography : the photo reports realized for design project, or my personal images.
- 05 shop : will be online as soon as possible.

So, have a good time, and do not hesitate to contact me for any comment, suggestion or bug report !
new project : Bahian identity and flyer
posted on September 07th at 00.06 pm from home, listening Anoushka Shankar

It is the perfect project? The Bahiane shop opened in Clermont-Ferrand city and sells very nice decorative objects, all natural... I love it and so I tell the girl who open it I am graphic designer and show my work. She contact me few weeks later for a flyer... I did the photographies, I build the flyer, she loved it and only change some words in the copy... she sign for it, pay me and it goes to the printer !

If only all the projects goes like this !!!



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