December 2006

Charlotte Dupont
posted on december 27th at 2.20 pm from mediafix office, listening to Eels - Saturday morning
Sorry for the lack of updates, a lot to do... Also, hope you get a wonderfull christmas with familly... I have designed this presentation card & buisness card for a friend who do nature cure...

I used for it part of illustrations of Armel Gaulme, who was pleased with what I did of his work. To see more of Armel amazing illustration work, check is graphic-exchange page or his site.
This is my home
posted on december 4th at 5.13pPm from mediafix office, listening to Lanny Kravitz "The difference is why"
These are pictures from my home, the place where I love to be... these are the old objets around the place...
Black or white
posted on december 1st at 1.29 Pm from mediafix office, listening to Lunatic age...
4th proposal... black or white???



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