September 2006

posted on september 18th at 2.27 pm from mediafix office, listening to Munich soundtrack
I did this for friends who organized special treck in Auvergne, wherre I live... I did it in jully, the treck, and it is some of the best holidays of my life... I did the picture at the top... will show more when it is printed...
posted on september 12th at 3.42 pm from mediafix office, listening to "I wish I would die" by Fiction Plane
I figure out this image is not available on this site anymore... and a lot of people write me about... It is my house... well it was 80 years ago! The one in the middle, behind the bridge and the big tree... I buy it 2 years ago, restore it during 6 months, and now, I enjoy...
posted on september 07th at 4.39 pm from mediafix office, listening to "The doudouk beyond borders"
She is my baby girl...
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posted on august 31th at 12.07 pm from mediafix office, listening to "Cover me" live by Bjork




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