JAQK by Hatch



I already present the JAQK brand in the packaging section, as well as the web site in the web section... But I think it needs another post as this is so "complete" in what define a great brand.

Hatch, who design & co-create the brand, describes it like this : JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand that wraps one thing people love — wine — inside another, gaming. This lifestyle approach to branding wine is virtually unheard of in the industry, creating a huge opportunity to stand out in a hopelessly crowded category.



Hatch named the company, as well as each wine, and positioned it under the tag line, "Play a Little." We did all design work and sourced all materials, going as far as finding a specialty glass boutique in Milan to create the customized bottle for the flagship Cabernet. We also created a strongly branded e-commerce website that leverages the design aesthetics to make this new lifestyle wine brand accessible, desirable and attainable. To round out the experience, we designed gift boxes, apparel and a limited edition deck of JAQK playing cards.


If the design is stunning, all the elements took place in a global brand creation... Starting with the name : JAQK (referring to card games : Jocker, As, Queen, King)!

Hatch has exploited so thoroughly entertaining world of high-end card game, pushing the mimicry to appoint the various collections of limited wines with names evoking the world of gameing : Soldiers of Fortune (the Jacks), Black Clover (clubs), Pearl Handle (regulars table games), 22 Black (roulette), Bone Dance (craps) Her Majesty (the Queen) and Charmed (the lucky).

Joel Templin and Katie Jain are not only designers branding and graphic identity, but also, and that is to emphasize the co-founders, with the winemaker Craig MacLean of the business wine JAQK.



As I am not the only one who admire this project, a 2 part interview was done by ISO50 & Grain edit. In part one of their interview, Alex spoke with Katie and Joel about the firm and their design process. In part two they take a look around the studio and talk with Katie about the packaging for JAQK cellars. They took a lot of nice photos "behind the scene" of search and tests done during the design process.



www.hatchsf.com / JAQK cellars stunning web site