Stefanie Golla honey project

print / december 16th / 00:40 PM

Stefanie send me more infos on this project :

For my Bachelor Thesis I've gotten in touch with my dad's honeybees. He has been a beekeeper for 25 years. My main goal was to extend my previously small knowledge of these fantastic creatures and to learn more about their aesthetics and ingenuity. I wanted to share my findings on these fascinating insects in photographs and texts. I tried to cover classic topics without getting lost in the depths of biology or creating specialist literature. 

Honeybees should simply be perceived as aesthetic creatures, achieving incredible things during their short life span. 

The result of my work are seven books, hanging in a beehive. When opened, you'll hear the unique humming of a swarm of bees.

You smell by Megan Cummins

packaging / december 13th / 10:19 PM / Peter Gabriel New blood


Megan is behind the often featured blog Vintage me oh my which go directly into my short "blog to visit every day" list the first day I visited it. But now, she wants to go to next step building her own soap brand and buisness... But for that she needs help, and you can support her project on kickstarter.

Here comes her great products.


I would like to take this opportunity to talk about something I have in mind for a while. Years ago, a graphic designer was a just a graphic designer, working in agency or freelance... But in some years, the influence of internet and specially blogs open a lot of new doors... I figure it out with the harmonie interieure stickers or the letterpress calendar, a simple idea, something I want, can be part of my work... I now can sold a wall sticker in Australia and a calendar in Uruguay just from my computer (and my regular visit to the post office, of course)...

But as everything, it needs to be featured on other blogs, you need to make it happen, it is hard work... Some people told me I always want to sell my products now... of course ! I need that to keep doing what I want, to still have time to publish other people works, to bring you inspiration... I feel like a movie director, who does his film by passion but only can do the next one if people go to see his work...

But the most important is not to "sell things", it is to make dreams happening... I dream about wall stickers that inspire people and I made them, I dreamed about a letterpressed calendar and it exists... and I want to thanks all of you for that, and for the next step, that, if it's happen the way I have it in mind, will be huge ;)

I am happy to support Megan with her project, so if you want to smell like a lemon, support her project.

Dustin K. Friesen

identity / december 13th / 12:31 PM / Anoushka Shankar . Traveller


The design is great, for sure, but after you know all this was handmade one by one, it is simply amazing... Read the full story on

The Highlands

interior / december 13th / 12:04 PM / Anoushka Shankar . Traveller


Kirby Stafford did an amazing job bringing Bryan Patrick Todd design to life.

For what Bryan said : "A yardstick, stick of chalk and printed piece of paper of the layout is all he needed. I hope to have many more collaborations with Kirby in the near future, as his craft and enthusiasm for hand lettering is truly a dying art."
Sebastien Bisson

identity + print / december 12th / 10:55 PM

The letterpress calendar specials offer

perso / december 7th / 2.33 PM / Ben Howard Every Kingdom


Marek send me these amazing images, I am so pleased with the result... Letterpress printing really sublimate graphic design creation... I am so please to feel the same after several projects done with this process...

I want to propose to all graphic exchange readers a special dicount for the next 3 days only. Use the coupon code "lpresscal2012" to get a discount of 6€. This offer will end on sunday 11th at midnight.

I am also please to say, if post office is on our side, the calendar should be send next week... I keep my fingers crossed...

I also want to thanks :
- "A graphic life" for the small interview (but unusal questions... in french).
- Megan at the amazing Vintage oh my (she is also trying to get fund for her amazing project, will came back on it next week).
- the calendar took part of the amazing creative pro holiday gift guide
- and there is a special contest at the foxtrotter to win the Harmonie interieure wall sticker of your choice... it is in french but the rule is simple, just put a comment to the post telling which of our sticker you prefer and your color choice... good luck :)



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