Paul Boag - Educating clients to say yes
posted in on february 19th

I guess 90% of visitors of this site are designers, agencies, people who have and idea of what a good design is... I guess what you like (as I do) is to see images here, inspiration... you work on project and need to feed yourself with stunning design...

But what is the interest to do good design if you do not find the client who want it... As I often say (and even design a poster about it) "The best designers are the ones who found the good clients"... but after seeing this video of Paul Boag, I can do one with "The best designers are the ones who know how to sell their ideas..."

Take 30 minutes on your time, well listen to this and apply it to your designer life... (thank you so much Rene for sending this)

Jordan Michael Gray
posted in graphic section on february 18th

Vine by tank studio
posted in indentity section on february 17th
Eight hour day
posted in indentity and print sections on february 17th
Edwin Tofslie
posted in web section on february 16th
My fffffound
posted in on february 13th
I always think take part of ffffound will be a bad thing for my productivity ;) Even if it is a little bit addictive, I am very please to take part of this amazing site. I do not have time to post small images on this blog/site, so my ffffound page would be really usufull for that and a good complement to GE... check it often, it is so easy to use that it would be updated often ;)
Important : do not contact me to get invitation, it is too late, I do not have it...

Studio on fire
update the exellence section on february 12th

I discover their work last year, and with their recent blog, they show us more and more amazing stuffs... I update their exellence page with a lot of new pictures...

check there exellence page for full selection | blog | studio
The decoder ring
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Studio Kxx
added to exellence section on february 9th
Studio Kxx is the work of Krzysztof Domaradzki. Featured several time on this site, after the splash page he did last year and the update of his portfolio, he definitly deserves to be in the exellence section... few designer mix photo, textures, font experiments and hand illustrations has he does... The most impressive, for me, are the commercial projects, as it easy to design nice things, harder to sell them to clients... here comes my selection this so productive artist... &
Check his exellence page for full selection
posted in packaging section on february 07th
That can be called "a speciality"...

see all selected image in packaging section |

Harmonie intérieure latest items for SALE
posted in on february 6th
Very few items left for the SALE....

posted in graphic section on february 5th

Bonjour mon coussin
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Bow Wow
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®Copyright. Bow Wow International Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Carhartt® EMEA Brand Guidelines
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from Fitch London, photography by Lee Mawdsley
found on
Widgets & Stone
posted in print section on february 2nd &
February splash page
posted in on february 2nd
This month splash page has been done by Linda, aka Les brumes, ex Copyright 65... thanks...



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