Rina Menardi ceramics

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This is another design studio I discover in Maison & Objet trade show... their booth was amazing, as everything was white, with jut a table and these bootle and glass on it... Less is more...


Sandra Haischberger / Feinedinge

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Still on Maison & Objet trade show, I took a look of what is presented and I found very nice things I want to share with you... here come the first one... feinedinge... I like the creations as well as the shop itself... The good thing to have a blog now is that you are considered like a very influent magazine and can have some very nice press kits & high resolution images ;)


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In some hours I took a train to Paris to work on the final phase of the D&B project before the Maison et objet show in Paris next septembre... I should sleep a little ;)

I really like this images of nice designed notebooks...



from Natasha Mileshina | www.bubbo.etsy.com | www.flickr.com/bubbo-tubbo
birthday wants list
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Yes, april 29th is my birthday, some people forget it, but no problem there was a big wedding today ;) So I think it was time for a post on objets I totally do not need but so much want to have ;) It is how it works, right ?

I always like to write, it help me to not forget things ;) These pencils are great from catsocrates :



These note books werre already on my christmas list, what are you watting for ? Some of the very nice stuff found available at present and correct (deserves bigger images...)


And a nice wood macbook pro box from www.blackboxcase.com

So, email if you need my adresse to send my gifts ;)

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