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interior / january 7th / 8:40 PM
There are more and more amazing blog around... when a project is good, it easy to found it on most of the popular blogs in some days (we all want to be the first, human feling)...

But it also have its bad side... I feel like seeing the same images everywhere... Of course, taking my own pictures of "non web" things took a lot of time, it is easier to copy/paste images from other sites...

Another bad thing is when images are not linked to who took them or who design them...

It is the case of this amazing flickr gallery... I look at it everytime I need to found web design inspiration, but lately it also present a great selection of interior inspiration... So, here come my selection of his selection, but sadly without links to owner, or source... If you want any of this image linked back, please email me.



subdued7 interior inspiration gallery

Christmas time

interior / december 24th / 3:10 PM /Pink Martini Joy to the world

Christmas mean to me time with family, cooking, preaparing... I stop a little to post this, this is not my home but it is more or less the feeling of our gome... Have you all a wonderfull and magical christmas, and listen to this great album : Pink Martini Joy to the world


Images found at

Hoko Studio

interior / november 15th / 7:49 PM /Cinematic orchestra - Ma fleur

Amazing place, amazing images, well listen what I am listening while you discover these images...

What Katie Ate

interior / november 10th / 1:40 PM /Muse

This blog is amazing... The "about" section explain it well : What Katie Ate is a resource of info relating to all things food and drink. It includes recipes and food photography by Katie herself ~ a professional food photographer and food stylist and will feature what's hot and tasty within the Sydney and Australian food scene (with the odd global diversion thrown in here and there for good measure). It also offers tips and links to Aussie and world-wide food publications, food packaging, markets, wineries, gourmet stores, restaurants, bars and cafés.

Yummy !

This was highlighted to me by an Australian restaurant I work with on their... cooking book... I share with Acland, the client, a nice moment in a Birsbane restaurant... What Australia has with me lately ?


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