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Packaging in Whole foods

packaging / august 7th / 11:36 PM California time


I am now in Orange country, California, which such different from Amherst. We are so pleased to be here and have good time with friends... will came back on that later this week.

The thing is, when visiting a country, you have eyes wide open, everything is interesting... so, as I have my camera when I was looking for some stuff in a Whole Foods (for non Americain, Whole foods is a natural and organic grocery, I shoot the products the caught my eyes...

Us, designers, we're used to see nice pictures of modern packaging on white background... but the same products in a real shop with thousand of other messages around is different...

Michelle Gadeken

packaging / june 17th / 9:56 AM / Fink - Perfect darkness
A black and white (and a little bit of red) post

identity + packaging + print + music-CD / april 20th / 11:08 PM


I want to do a different post tonight... so I focus on black and white images/photos/projects...

Nice playing card by Si Scott :
And the wine packagin by atipus via lovely package
Adrian Gilling

packaging / april 4th / 22:59 PM

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