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Kim Høltermand
photo / december 2nd / 3:12 PM
2 nights in Nîmes
photo / july 26th / 5:45 AM

As I already told you, I saw Sting & Ben Harper live this week end. Both concerts took place in the amazing Nîmes arena, that Trey Ratcliff shot when he first visited me in september last year... It let you imagine how amazing it is to see a concert in this place...
It was the second time I saw Ben Harper there, and the 4th time for Sting (first time was 20 years ago !!!). I saw several other artists there : Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Radiohead...



It was also nice to have a beer with Eric Canto, another friend/client/photographer. He was able to shoot both concerts, even if for Sting he was not allowed to shoot at close range (it was a concert with a classical orchestra so they only wanted wide angle pictures...).

photo / june 30th / 1:12 AM
Another amazing set of nature photography...



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