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U2 live in Nice (by Eric Canto)
Last week, I saw U2 live in Nice. This band is amazing, the scene is amazing... Eric Canto had the chance to took picture of them during the show, and the result is at the image of the show...
Holi - the Festival of Colors
I was looking for an unusal subjet for today's post... and I found these amazing pictures. In March, people in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. What that translates to in action is an enthusiastic dropping of inhibitions, as people chase each other and playfully splash colorful paint, powder and water on each other. Amazing !
Galina Kurlat
I have the pleasure to work with Galina on her identity and web site, and I am please to present some of here new work...
Benoit Paillé
The work of Benoit Paillé is very good, but also what is behind his work... I admire is availability to ask unknow people to be photographied, something I can never imagine to do... He also seems to like feet in water ;)
Irene Suchocki &
Rengim Mutevellioglu
Here pictures of "Moules" bring me directly to my childwood when I do this with my grand father... there are not pictures, there are memories....



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