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1850 Daguerreotypes
These images are amazing, specially because they all have been made 160 years ago...
2 photographers found on flickr...
... blow me away tonight.... first is deyonette (?)
Second is Philip Lepage
Itou Kouichi
Ditte Isager photo but check for better images
Janne Petters photos
Flickr photo selection
I always think Flickr was more a tool for people who don't know how to build a web site... I set up an account for the Harmonie interieure project, and so discover amazing photographies, more that I expect... It is impossible by now to put all them on GE, also because it is so easy to make my own selection directly on flickr... So, if you have 2 hours and want to see stunning images, check my flickr selection.

check my flickr selection.

Abi Massey Holga photos
As said someone on her flickr page : "Here is a girl who has found her voice. Absolutely the most nostalgic tone I've ever seen from a Holga. And what else could you ask of a photograph, but to remind you of a time you never really knew?"



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