REM & Adele... or a simple post about music
music / january 29th / 11:01 PM
So, REM will issue a new album in march... It remind me that I discover this band 20 years ago, yes, old readers, "Losing my religion" was released in 1991... Have to said it was one of my favorit band in the 90's, I even met them in person but that's another story (even if when I write that, I am sure you want to know...), have to said I was a little desepointed by the 2000's even I still follow them...

And then, there is this song... simple, the pure REM I like... And I want to share this with you... Do not know for the other songs of the album (even if you can listen 5 of them on the official site) but this one is... wow...

And as the same time, I spend my week listenning the Adele new album, and when I said listenning, according to my itunes player, it has been 20 times since I buy it last monday ;) And this girl is 21 years old, which mean she was 1 year old when I was dsicovering "Country feedback" and the other song from "Out of time" REM album...

And it make me think of time flying away...

Jonas Valtysson
music / december 15th / 11:23 PM / Coldplay
Zach McNair
music / november 18thth / 11:05 PM
Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Live)
music / ocotber 07th / 9:35 AM
Because it is the song of the "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" movie, because it is an amazing song... Ok, it is not the best way to start an happy day, but...
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