The arrogant butcher by Tunnel Bravo

identity / november 26th / 11:41 PM /Ibrahim Maalouf Diagnostic

Tom, Dick & Harry by Mike McQuade

identity / november 23th / 3:23 PM /REM live In Dublin


identity / november 22th / 11:26 AM /Ben Howard Every Kingdom


I know Anthony Martinez, the designer behind Agree studio from the time I was art director at mediafix, in Clermont-Ferrand... he did an internship, and we all saw he was very talented... Since then, he built his own studio with his brother and a friend, and they even get some of my clients ;)

Neighborhood Studio

identity / november 19th / 10:03 PM / REM Hallellujah

Make and Matter

identity / november 16th / 1:12 PM / Ben Howard Every Kingdom



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