Blackbox by Evan Huwa

identity / may 30th / 10:30 PM
Fourmation by Flydende Lava

identity / may 24th / 10:16 PM / Radiohead The king of Lamb (have to try again...)


Bond agency

identity / may 19th / 1:59 PM / Ben Harper Give till it's gone


Mad Brew by Adam Hill

identity/ may 16th / 4:06 PM


Design work life just did a post I have to share with you too, the Mad Brew identity done by Adam Hill... The idea behind it is the aesthetic of a traveling Victorian salesman and the concept of one entity 'wearing many hats' was used to neatly package the three brands together.
Blogroll update

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Some nice new blog... with a selection of the best images found their...



2 - . follower of lovelypackge, about... stationery !

September industry

print + identity + music / may 2nd / 00:25 AM


I already talk about September Industry blog here, but I want to do another post, as there are so much great project presented there... In fact, 90% of images presented there could be here too, as the level of quality is so high... So, here come a short selection :

1 - Stanton Williams Identity / Cartlidge Levene


4 - Francisco van Benthem / mainstudio


5 - Studio brave SI special / studiobrave


6 - Bang Your Own Drum & Stack Architects / theconsult


To sum up, if you have 4 hours in front of you, take some time on



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