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Actes Sud, Arles, book store and Agata Kawa

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Today, I went to Arles, one of my favorit city near my (current) home. It's in this town that the Actes Sud edition werre created and have their main book store... well it is more than a book store, as it is also a restaurant and there is even an hammam on the back... you can found thousand amazing books...

This editor know the importance of identity graphic format (books, choice of paper, illustrated covers ...)... I love spending time in a book store, and specially in this one...

This last picture was done by my talented friend Casajordi and I was very please to see it in real... I get totally seduced by this book, illustrated by Agata Kawa called "Le livre rouge".

Art & design magazines

print / december 7th / 1:54 PM / Ben Howard Every Kingdom


I love magazines, I love ink and paper, always do and always will...

The 2 magazines, Slanted for Germany & Underscore from Singapore worth a look... I love the discovering a magazine with a coffee, so the U café idea is great... And as future is also on the ipad and other "non paper" version, the art book magazine app is an exellente idea too.





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