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Hampus Jageland

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A black and white (and a little bit of red) post

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I want to do a different post tonight... so I focus on black and white images/photos/projects...

The Hans Bennewitz Stationery, bring to me by Design work life :
Always loved this card, as well as other printed stuff by Cranky Pressman :
Imprimerie du Marais

One of the best thing with graphic exchange is to met people in person... After getting in contact with "L'imprimerie du Marais" in Paris, I visit them and had nice exchange about print process and saw their amazing projects (and heard the big machines sounds and smell nice paper and inks).

They work for famous french brands, project bring to them my the most talented graphic designers and agencies of Paris... Special inks, laser cuts, unusuals shapes, stunning papers, embossing, they can do everything... I can put some project in my suitcase and I shoot them for you... (they aslo have a great facebook page)

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