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NexusNeuronia books
Studio 8
The next project is very nice, and it is amazing how it looks like a project I did 2 years ago... I do the pictures by myself, so they can not have used them, but I guess the same process... Check my project to compare.
Nicole Lafave
nice printed stuffs by Nicole Lafave
editorial projects by concrete design
Zanders Ikono workbook
This amazing book was send by Ikono to present new papers... It features very nice pictures of old object, with a very nice minimalist graphic elements...
NAB by Tak tak
Co design
Werner design werks
Ray Gun
In 1997, I was learning design, and some of you does not even know what they would want to do with their life ;) And David Carson does the art direction of the Ray Gun magazine... I check on the web there is few imagines from this time, but I find these...

These are the front cover of the magazines...
If you have these old magazine and can send me more picture, please email me.


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