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Jonas Eriksson

graphic / february 7th / 10:57 AM / From Grabels - Near Montpellier / Hans Zimmer Inception soundtrack


There is a striking contrast between the modern tools we have today (iPad, iPhone, photoshop, numeric printing) and the fact that we all want a vintage look of things. We see it in identity (several of the latest post in the identity section are very vintage look), in print (letterpress of course) but also in photos...

I do it myself so much, using my iphone all the time to shoot things and want them to look like the polaroids I have of me and mybrother when we werre young... I guess some people develop about this more than I do, so if you have books, or blog post about this, I will be happy to read them, email me links at fabienbarral(a)

The work of Jonas Eriksson for his iPad app is the perfect exemple of this :

Deep Festival by Puchu

graphic / february 6th / 10:11 AM / From Grabels - Near Montpellier / Hans Zimmer Inception soundtrack

Dana Tanamachi

graphic / january 31th / 10:53 PM / From Fontvielle - Near Arles


I already seen Dana works on several blogs, she does amazing chalk lettering. via from up north

Cass Art Cartridge Paper by Pentagram

graphic / january 12th / 10:39 PM / Radiohead


graphic / december 8th / 11:38 PM

Eli No !

graphic / december 2nd / 5:38 PM / Thomas Dybdahl Rottener


My story with the Eli No ! book is special... I first talked about it 2 or 3 years ago, and Katie send me a blurb copy she does... It is the first "engligh" book I read with my daughter who loved the "Eli nooooo" idea... I am now pleased to see that the book get a real printing, and even its own web site... If he reads my blog, I would advice it for Santa Claus (by the way, if you doread it, dear Santa, I won't be against an iPad...)


The book was inspired by Katie's nephew, Parker. She said "Whenever we were together, I would say "Eli no!" — and every time I said it, he would say it too! He liked how fun it was to say and so did I. I had always wanted to write and illustrate a children's book, and I thought this idea was too fun not to do." Here come the real Eli :


All the info and how to order the book at / Katie runs the Eight Hour day studio & blog with her husband

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