Mr Cup will be a social guy...

perso / march 26th (2012) / 10.20 PM / from Grabels (near Montpellier)/ Daft Punk Tron legacy soundtrack


The idea behind Mr Cup is also to be social :) I am just one guy, I never want to use facebook, twitter and other as I want to focus on my work and I dedicat enough time to the "design community" by updating this blog... But times change, and I need to change too... Graphic exchange is not the right name anymore, there are not enough exchange now, it is just me talking, without answers...

The Mr Cup blog will be lauched soon... the other thing (shop, club...) will come step by step... Graphic exchange will stay an online archive of 6 years of post with its 25 000 images... But now, if you want to follow me, you can suscribe to my facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, dribbble or flickr... If I use flickr for years, I just suscribe to all the other ones this week end, so they are pretty empty for now... But of course, you know me, it will change soon.

I also have a new email for submission... You, you well read, submission... Even if I said I do no accept submission, a lot of people did it anyway, so... please check the submission rules... I will read them on my brand new ipad... this week end was the end of an era for me...

The new letterpress coasters... at last !

perso / march 22th (2012) / 00.00 PM / from le Cap d'Agde (near the sea, I can even hear it) / Melanie Laurent


I really thought these ones would never arrive ! Better late than never... So, if you order the letterpress calendar before december 25th, and ask to get your set, it has been sent. For other people who want them, just support the blog to get them (minimum donation of 5€ to pay the costs). If some are left for the lauch or mr-cup, they will be on sell in the shop.

Support the blog to get them (minimum donation of 5€ to pay the costs).

Studio visit : Agence LEG in Paris

perso / march 20th (2012) / 7.01 PM / from Frabels (near Montpellier) / Peter Gabriel Sratch my back


LEG is one of the most creative advertising agency of Paris (and so on of France...). Created 10 years ago by Gabriel Gaultier, they are famous for their unusual campaign for Eurostar, SFR or Nike. Having a crazy idea can seems easy, selling it to the client is more complicate...

Their website and philosophy speak for them :
"What costs the most in advertising is time you took to deceide",
"With a good cost-controller, the Eiffiel tour will be only 50m high" or
"For people who said nothing is possible, we remind that Russians send a dog in space 50 years ago"...


After exchanging email with Gregory Ferembach who work there, I ask him if I can visit while I was in Paris last week. And, the "offices" are like there projects, totally crazy, unique, unexpected... You feel more like an old British pub, or a Tim Burton movie, with its Chesterfield coachs, the large curiosity cabinet with its skulls, old books and stuffed animal heads (and even a fake stuffed human one)... And it is in this surprising place that the creative team work for clients such as Nike.


The most surprising is that it looks more like a young freelance designers office built into an appartment that one of the bigest and most influent agency of France. Here comes a selection of my favorit adverts and posters. I put some translation as everything is based on the concept and you must get it...


Low cost London

At 3 hours from Paris, there is London too.


London for lovers


When was the last time you visit London ?



Everything change at London


Rock is there to change your life


The blur one is my favorit : Get back, during 3 minutes, to this magical time when you did not have 2 childs and a house credit for 25 years...


Oui FM is now in Le Mans or Honfleur (which are french cities)


Like these for their concept and font work...


After talking with this nice creative team, I walk around the neightbour, and found these 2 cars... I always see in American movies cliché about french cars, thinking we always use 2CV or DS like these... So I think it was really funny to see that just after visiting the leg agency. / also on wikipedia to know their story.

Gregory runs the "monday links", an email send each monday with his links selection / He is also behind the great C'est qui les créas

Aix en Provence

perso / March 06th 2012 / 9:58 AM / from Veyremonton near Clermont-Ferrand


Today I am back in the south of France, near the sea... Yeasterday I was in Auvergne in the middle of France, moving from one place to an other for the past 2 month is really unusual... Last week I was near Aix en Provence and I love this city. Here come some shots...


I always found laundromat very graphic and visually interesting for photography, probably because I never have been stuck in one of them waiting after my stuff... I remember shooting them with nice green color light 15 years ago...


Next week, I will be in Paris for some days, with some nice things to share !


7 rules wall sticker by Angelique Fokker

perso / february 27th / 10.57 AM/from St Cannat near Aix en Provence


Angelique Fokker order the 7 rules wall sticker in white and took these very nice pictures of the "making of" ;) ! Thanks !

Studio visit : Poa Plume in Bordeaux !

perso / february 18th / 11.09 AM/from Cap d'Agde near Sète / Nick Drake Three Hours


The Studio Poa Plume is french design company from Bordeaux. I follow them for, I have to admit, more than 10 years ! They will celebrate their 20th anniversay so, it is a long story... I love visiting studio, sharing experience and creative feeling with other designers... And when it is very nice guys (and girls) like this, time is too short...

Their studio is amazing, it is an old factory with its vintage walls and industrial lights. Seeing they are "only" 6 to work in it, they have enough space to put some nice old videos games and even a letterpress printer that sadly, can't print ! But it is a nice decoration object !

We also share the same passion for old commercial from early 1900's books. And the studio, even with big clients and budgets, always communicate with humour... an exemple... a small card which said "Found me a good design agency in the next 2 seconds or you are fired... Easy, do you know Poa Plume ?"... Better than "Our design team can found the best solution for your communication", no ? If I was a client, choice would be easy !


The big project of the team for the past years is the books of August Derrière. I already present the first book here, and the second one came out last year. It is really hard to understand the jokes from non french speaking readers, but only the design worth it... For this second edition, they even design and sell postcards and posters... An exellent exemple of designers who found a good way to have fun (and money seeing the numer of copies sold !) with their self initated projects.


This video sum up the spirit of the books...

Les fourmis n'aiment pas le flamenco - Picrate... par AugusteDerriere 
Thanks you guy for this nice moment and the good restaurant after ;)

You can found all the Auguste Derrière items on the dedicated online shop / /


The letterpress calendar : october / november / december & last days !!

perso / february 3td / 10.15 AM/from Fontvieille near Arles / Aaron


The sell of the calendar will be closed soon... I need to sell the last copy in the coming days, to be able to hit the road after. I propose you to use the coupon itsabeautifulday to get a reduction of 6€.

The marek printer is repeared, and the coasters will be ready soon and posted to related orders. I am pretty sure I won't do a calendar next year. I am very pleased with the 2011 and 2012 edition, and I do not want to to repeat myself too much... Of course I have other ideas in mind ;)

Here comes details on the last 3 months.

October... based on ink and painting elements done by Frédérique, my wife. I use her paitings in a lot my projects, and she need to be there ;) Also, I want to do a tribute to Steve Jobs this year, so "Stay Hungry, stay foolish".

November... based on botanic drawings


December... based on architecture romans drawings.


These are the last days to get your calendar, use the coupon itsabeautifulday to get a reduction of 6€.

The letterpress calendar : july / august / september

perso / january 31th / 10.29 AM/from Fontvieille near Arles / The Queen soundtrack


I get some email asking me why I stop te reveal the sources behind each calendar page at june... So here come 3 of them at one time : july / august & september

July... based on animals drawings and illustrations from Tapisserie

August... based on chinese illustrations


September... based on Tapisserie too, but florals ones...


There are copies left of the calendar, so it is still time to order it, and with the graphicexchange coupon, you still can have a discount of 5€.

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