Letterpress calendar updates : almost done...
personal / december 27th / 11:34 PM

Hope you all have a nice and wonderfull christmas...

Almost everything is printed now, here come some of the pages... we will do our best to send them next week, as we need to "compose" all the calendars and then to pack them individually... then, we hope snow or customs won't slow themm too much ;)



Letterpress calendar updates : the front page and gifts...
personal / december 17th / 10:27 AM / Piers Faccini

Here it comes, the front page is now printer... we add a last page which present ourself too...

Also, I figure out I won't have anough buisness cards for all the order, I need to keep some for myself... So the offer of giving personal buisness cards & other letterpress cards I have in stock will only concern order done before christmas day...

So, to sum up :

- gifts for order done BEFORE dec. 25th (or order of multiple copies of the calendar) : my 2009/2010/2011 buisness cards + my 2010 correspodance card + harmonie interieure buisness & correspondance cards + 4 small designers stickers
- gift for orders done AFTER dec, 25th : the 4 small designers stickers



Letterpress calendar updates : the colors
personal / december 15st / 11:50 PM / Coldplay

Printing the calendar took (of course) more time than we expect... For each month, Marek print one patone color and then the other design will be printed in black in a second time... The paper is amazing and it looks amazing...

Also, we figure out it won't be ready for christmas, only Santa Claus can work so fast, we do not have enough elfs to help us... A typo on some pages force us to reprint them, and choosing one specific color for each page is not the easiest things... But we want it to be perfect...

If you want to offer for christmas, we will send you a gift certificate that you could give on christmas day and we will then send the calendar to the person of your choice when it is ready...

But, we have to said they are selling very well and there won't be enough for everybody... thanks a lot for the amazing support, very motivating to do much project like this...




Letterpress calendar updates
personal / december 11st / 10:42 PM

Some image from the Press studio in Poland... check letterpress calendar




Letterpress calendar updates
personal / december 7th / 9:38 PM

Here it comes, the first pages are now printed... as impatient as you are to get the letterpress calendar



Special Stickers Christmas offer... only available until friday 10th.
personal / december 6th / 10:12 PM

As father christmas need a little time to get our products ready, we set up stickers in precise size and colors to let you have them in time ;) Check www.harmonie-interieure.com . We also could send them to the person of your choice, with a special card at your name with a message... just tell us during the paypal ordering process.

For any order of more than 149€ (post costs not included), we offer you the letterpress calendar.

Warning, to have you item in time fo christmas (not only the ones of this offer but for any order on the site), you need to order before friday 10th.


Letterpress calendar updates
personal / december 1st / 11:22 PM

Still working on polymere shapes ... more about the project at letterpress calendar



Letterpress calendar updates
personal / november 23th / 10:09 AM / Craig Armstrong Piano Works

Will update you on the letterpress calendar each time I can ;) Thank a lot to all the poeple that preorder it... even if we still need a lot of money to only produce it...

Marek now did the films to prepare the polymere plates. You can see on this image that there is one film for the colors, and one for the black... I thought you will be interested in the making process and to learn more about letterpress process... Ask me if you have more questions...



I also ask Marek to try different colors for my buisness cards...




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